"Mother Nature" by M. Naghi Abolfazli

"Mother Nature, Nutrition and Health" (in Persian Tabiate Madar: Taghzieh and Salamaty): The set of DVDs are lectures and presentations in Persian by renowned Iranian - American natural nutritionist and former athlete, Mohammad Naghi Abolfazli, Ph.D. The DVDs describe, in simple language, the major functions and systems in human body and the impact of various natural nutrients on them. The DVDs include discussion of digestive track, coronary and heart system, hormones, toxins, stress, body's immune system, brain and the nervous system, etc. **

After selling hundreds of copies on his popular TV programs, Mr. Abolfazli is now offering these DVDs online and at discounted prices. (NOT AVAILABLE HERE ANY MORE). For a fraction of the cost of a visit to a hospital or a doctor, these DVDs make perfect gifts for your loved ones who need simple lessons on how their body works and explanations in Persian/Farsi on natural ways to stay healthy.

"Mother Nature"

Online Sales for 20 DVDs:

  • 10 Farman (Mother Nature's 10 Commandments - 10 DVD) Discussion of: digestive track, coronary and heart system, liver, body's nutritional needs, body's exercise needs, hormones, toxins, stress, body's immune system, brain and the nervous system, etc.
  • Paksazieh Badan (Cleansing and Detoxifying Your Body - 5 DVD): Liver , Kidneys, Blood and Lymphatic system, Colon, Skin
  • Bimarihaye Mozmen (chronic and widespread health problems): Reducing weight naturally, Reducing blood sugar naturally, Reducing cholestrol naturally, Reducing high blood pressure naturally, Fighting liver diseases naturally

Mohammad Abolfazli Ph.D. in Nutrition and former Athlete

** The recommendations offered in these DVDs are the presenter's opinions on natural ways to stay healthy, and are not medicinal or intended to replace physician's opinion on diagnosis or cure of any disease.

Natural Nutrition Health Naghi Abolfazli تغذیه طبیعی

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